The Profile of Music Perception Skills (PROMS)

The Profile of Music Perception Skills (PROMS), informally "Music-Quotient Test", was developed as a new objective test battery to measure perceptual musical skills across multiple domains: melody, pitch, timbre, tuning, rhythm, rhythm-in-melody, metric accent, and tempo. The PROMS has satisfactory psychometric properties for the composite score (internal consistency and test-retest >.85) and fair to good coefficients for the individual subtests (.56 to .85). Convergent validity was established with relevant dimensions of Gordon’s Advanced Measures of Music Audiation and Musical Aptitude Profile and with the Musical Ear Test. Criterion validity was evidenced by significant relationships between test performance and external musical proficiency indicators. A nonmusical auditory discrimination was unrelated to the test supporting its discriminant validity. A brief version, taking about 25 minutes to complete, is being introduced as a time-efficient web-based version of the full version of the PROMS.

Click here to access the PROMS. 

Law, L. & Zentner, M. (2012). Assessing musical abilities objectively: Construction and validation of the Profile of Music Perception Skills. PLoS ONE 7 (12): e52508.