Musically Evoked Emotions

The GEMS is the first model and rating instrument specifically designed to capture the richness of musically evoked emotions.

Searching for temperament risk factors

An early-appearing neuroaffective disposition, temperament predicts a range of outcomes from social anxiey disorder to psychopathy. The lab's current work focuses on the early diagnosis of temperament risk factors. 

Can musicality be measured objectively?

In response to music's rising importance in neuroscience and psychology, our lab is strongly invested in developing novel tools for the objective assessment of musicality.

Are our mate choices biologically determined?

Societal factors are at least as important and their influence can be directly demonstrated.

Detail from The Reluctant Bride (1866) by Auguste Toulmouche. Courtesy Wikimedia

The Infant's Musical Mind

Long before infants can speak, they exhibit striking musical skills. We demonstrated that they dislike dissonant tunes and that they are able to move in time with music.