Assessing Musical Intelligence

Can musicality be measured objectively? In response to music's rising importance in neuroscience and psychology, we devised the PROMS, a novel test-battery capable of assessing a broad range of musical skills.

Mind the (Gender) Gap

A perennial controversy in the psychology of gender concerns the origins of gender differences in mate preferences. Our research contributed to this question empirically and conceptually.


Neurogenetic, prenatal and postnatal factors forge a person's temperament, a neuroaffective disposition that affects outcomes from emotion regulation to alcohol abuse. The focus of our work is on the early diagnosis of temperament risk factors. 

Musically Evoked Emotions

The GEMS is the first model and rating instrument specifically designed to capture the richness of musically evoked emotions.

The Infant's Musical Mind

Long before infants can speak, they exhibit striking musical skills. We demonstrated that they dislike dissonant tunes and that they are able to move in time with music.