Collaborations and Partnerships

Current Collaborators

Alice Eagly, PhD

In this partnership we review the literature on the nature, extent and determinants of gender differences in partner preferences.

Tuomas Eerola, PhD

Tuomas and I worked on infants' rhythmic responses to music and on emotions evoked by music.

Robert Plomin, PhD

Within the Twins Early Development Study we explore genetic and environmental contributions to musical ability as well as links between musical ability and other cognitive abilities.

Rebecca Shiner, PhD 

Dr Shiner and myself have been collaborating as editors of The Handbook of Temperament.

Peter Venables, PhD

This collaboration looks into early childhood predictors of adult personality and psychopathology in the context of the Mauritius Child Health Project.

Patrik Vuilleumier, MD 

In this partnership we explore the neural bases of complex musical emotions.


Other Colleagues and Collaborators

John E. Bates, PhD, University of Indiana, Bloomington

Joseph Campos, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Rafael Ferber, PhD, University of Lucerne

Patrik Juslin, PhD, University of Uppsala

Jerome Kagan, PhD, Harvard University

Sandra McClowry, PhD, New York University

Philippe Rochat, PhD, Emory University

Klaus Scherer, PhD, University of Geneva

Sandra Trehub, PhD, University of Toronto