About The Personality, Emotion, and Music Lab


Research Areas

Three main lines of inquiry characterize the laboratory's research work:

  1. Understanding the origins and the development of individuals’ personalities. To this end, we examine child-temperament as one of the earliest manifestations of personality, as well as factors affecting personality development and change.
  2. Examining the role of personality, gender and cultural variation in ideal partner preferences and their effects on relationship satisfaction. To this end, we develop measures of partner preferences, conduct longitudinal and intercultural studies.
  3. Exploring the psychological and biological bases of human musicality. This work includes the study of preverbal infants' reactions to music, emotions evoked by music, and individual differences in musical ability.

Methods and Measures

To address these questions the lab creates and uses multiple methodologies and assessment technologies, including:

  1. Computerized ability and personality tests
  2. Psychophysiological measures
  3. 3-D motion capture systems for movement-analysis
  4. Implicit measures (e.g., Affect Misattribution Procedure, IAT)

International Collaborations and Funding

Some of the current projects are embedded in international collaborations and partnerships. The Lab's research is or has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Jacobs Foundation and Google.